Wednesday, February 3, 2010

B.o.B, DJ Drama and DJ Sense - May 25th

Happy New Year!

And oh yeah.

Straight up.

Fuck you.

Fuck you all you fucks who took my link down because I didn't write some shit for sometime.

What the fuck.

Can a motherfucker do someshit or what?!

Its cool.

Just like when Deebo took yall niggas gold chains, u shut the fuck up when I was here.

Now that I gone yall lil nigs wanna run yall mouths.


I will be back like Arnold and I will be blacker than oil and tougher than leather.

So to all my haters.


Word to B.oB.

B.o.B feat DG Yola & Lil Boosie - Fuck You

Anyways I been listening to alot of music lately word to Pac Div but this came out a few days ago so why not keep it fresh.

This is a slapper from B.o.b.O.B.o.B.o....well you get the point.


DJ Drama & DJ Sense & B.o.B. - May 25th

Gangsta Grillz You Bastards.

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