Friday, February 26, 2010

DJ Drama & Dorrough - Number 23

I saw Dorrough in June in Vegas at Ray J's Poetry Nightclub and he was having a good time with his green chain. His weed carriers were literally sippin bottles of Moet, blowing Black & Milds and mean muggin the shit outta everyone.

Dorrough was all smiles though and went through a bunch of songs I had never heard besides Ice Cream Paint Job.

I guess he had 2 songs on 106 and Park at the time and was feelin good about that.

Dorrough - Walk that Walk

Dorrough - Ice Cream Paint Job

Mad props for any young nigga who is hustlin, blows up...AND KEEPS HUSTLIN LIKE HE NEVER MADE IT.

At least from what I have seen so far.

And he actually says some shit that makes sense in the interviews I have read from him so big up Dorrough.

Follow him on Twitter or check out his MySpace for more Dorrough Music.

What I liked about this tape besides it was a Gangsta Grillz Production and I support that kinda quality to the end, is that is sounds like a Dorrough Music tape more than it does a Gangsta Grillz tape.

I mean we get Drama drops but we get Dorrough Music drops too which I haven't heard really before and I gotta say it did the job well.

Dorrough Music is in my head.

Now let it get in your head too.


DJ Drama & Dorrough - Number 23

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