Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blame it on the Warrants - DJ Drama & Fabolous Bury the Dead

No not the alcohol T-Pain.
Send your thank you's to Sherrif Joe for keeping me from blessing yall with smackers.

America's most loved Sherrif Joe Arpaio and his Tent City in case you aren't familiar.

Tent City gave me an ear infection during my stay there and an asthma attack at 6:30 in a cold Arizona morning.

That picture makes it look hot but hot in the desert day means cold in the desert evening in desert logic.

Also in a strange twist of fuckery, check me out on MSNBC's Lockup in July.

Not by choice but as the Detention Officers informed me when I protested my being filmed, "You're county property. Be happy we feed you."

Now back to our regularly scheduled music.

Shout out Fabolous because dammit There is No Competition. 2.

Personally I support DJ Drama to the fullest so yes you will be getting his drops people.

Quality music should be supported by us the fans.



DJ Drama & Fabolous - There is No Competition 2

PS: If you have been sleeping on Freck Billionaire, the Billionaire in his name probably makes you feel worthless.
Step your bars up.
Before Fab dropped this tape, I only had There is No Competition and Freck Billie's Fist Full of Dollars and one other mixtape to quench my thirst for bars.
Peep Mr. Bar 4 Bar.
Freck Billionaire - Mr. Handsdown
Freck Billionaire - Drug Dealer
And just for kicks lets listen to Freck rip into Floyd Mayweather.
Floyd better beat Mosley's ass is all I'm sayin.
Don't be like Oklahoma and just be OK.
Freck Billionaire - 39-1 (Floyd Mayweather diss)
Fabolous and his Street Fiddidaboys are quite skilled with the wordplay, word to Paul Cain.

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