Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shout Out B.o.B AKA Bobby Ray AKA Mr 3 Top 10 Singles

Since itunes currently is single-handedly the financial lifeline to the music industry, if you can sell some itunes units, it usually is a pretty good indication that you are gonna sell some physical copies too.

B.o.B, Bobby Ray, or just talented young brother.

Mad props for getting 3 singles on the itunes Top 10 Rap/Hip-Hop Singles at once.

Go out and buy a copy of his album when it drops this Tuesday and support talent so they stop mass producing rappers.

Nothing against Wayne and his love of guitar strumming...

But there is a HUGE difference in rapping over beats that have guitar riffs, and rapping over a guitar riff that you actually created yourself.

Good to see that talent is rising again to the top in the cesspool that is the music industry.
Dream is the Radio Killer.
So Bobby Ray is the itunes Killer.
And Radio Reviver.
Grand Hustle's Secret Weapon...

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