Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Havoc From Mobb Deep Drunk Tweets

Well looks like there is trouble in Queensbridge.

Havoc from everyone's favorite midget rap group Mobb Deep basically confirmed what people have been saying for years.

That Prodigy has been getting fucked.

I have always heard that it is a well known fact Prodigy used to get robbed a lot in Queensbridge but it was sorta kept hush hush since the Mobb roll Deep and all.

But I didn't think that the Sickle Cell Soldier was getting fucked LITERALLY.

The strange thing though is now Havoc is saying he left his phone at a gas station, someone had access to all his passwords, and subsequently started posting slander
Really Havoc?

Since I consider myself a fan of their music since the Infamous days I feel like the real answer makes more sense.

Illseed (who is fuckin back by the way...go to his site and peep) says that the real deal is Havoc was drunk and angry at the way he was portrayed in the book Prodigy wrote.

Funny because he was portrayed as a drunk in the book so I guess life imitates book?

Or something like that.

Here is audio of Havoc on the Breakfast Club explaining what he did...er what happened.

He gets called out by Charlamagne tha God because to quote the great Nat King Cole song, "Your story's kinda funny and it sounds just like a lie."

I remember when illseed had this rumor way back when P first dropped his book about how pissed Havoc was and then it kinda died down.

Guess those late night drinking sessions by yourself brought it back again.

I think I am going to bump the Infamous and Hell on Earth all week to remember the good times.

Instead of these rich nigga problems that are lame as faaawk.

Possibly rock someone in the face and stab their brain with they nose bone.

Because my Henn rock is strong enough to make your heartbeat stop.

I leave you with Ballerina P.


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Anonymous said...

You dont know anything but rumours. What if I say its you being fucked huh? I dont know but ill write it.