Thursday, April 12, 2012

Andre Nickatina - Where's My Money (Mixtape)

Andre Nickatina dropped a new mixtape and slaptastical is the only way to describe it.

Is that a word? It needs to be.

If you have never heard Andre and prefer the cookie cutter pop rap shit then Andre will scare your bitchass.

If you have ever seen a coke slut's nose start slowly bleeding yet still manage to press her face to the plate then Nicky you shall dig.

If you like original sounding MCs who are doper than heroin than come take a ride with Nicky!

Dre Dog rippin a Oran Juice Jones track?

Yea it is as funky as it sounds.

Dre Dog rippin a Rick James track?

Why yes I think he shall.

Basically Andre seems to be having a lotta fun on this mixtape rippin beats that will be familiar(Lollipop anybody) and longtime fans of his will be pleased.

His last few albums were cool but not enough coke rap...

Let's go one step further....

Andre Nickatina - Queen Heroin

So for all you people out there who are avoiding calls from your local dealer because he gave you 24 hours to get his money...



Quit duckin me man....

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