Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rich Hil - 500 Grams (Mixtape)

@ahughess got me into Rich Hil.

Check out his site here and then follow him on twitter and tell him how much you love Rich Hil.

He will follow you immediately.

Then tell him a mean joke.

He will stop following you and might even block you because these new age hippies are sensitive people.

Anyways Rich Hil is pretty dope and makes quality drug music that I can relate to.

The thing that's trippy is that his dad is Tommy Hilfiger yet his music is good to fuck a stripper in all 3 holes too.


Word to Juicy J.

This is a collabo he did with producer Lex Luger on the beats.

He has a bunch of other free tapes you can dl here.

Maybe I will get a pic with Rich Hil when he rolls through Phoenix...

Probably not.

Oh well jam out and get high to this.

And please everyone always remember...


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