Monday, April 9, 2012

Rusko - Songs (Album Review)

1st thing 1st I am not a fuckin old rich white/black/latin/insert race here out of touch music editor who thinks he knows the music but doesn't know shit.

I am a hip-hop head and a Sub Soldier.

Meaning don't question my hip-hop knowledge unless you droppin gems and don't talk about dubstep because your girlfriend and best friend look like Skrillex and your frat buds dig it.

I like music that technically sounds good and dubstep produced and engineered properly you can feel in your soul.

Since hip-hop is pushing mediocrity to the masses these days, dubstep is trying to fill the void in white America's consciousnesses.

Yes dubstep is everywhere now.

Commercials to television shows and clubs across America are letting the bass drop.

One person who really hasn't changed much since bursting onto the scene with the excellent essential dubmix Fabriclive 37 is Rusko AKA The Bass Monster Who Called Deadmau5 a cunt.

Rusko returns with is first studio album since his 2010 banger O.M.G.

This album produced the MASSIVE anthem Hold On featuring Amber Coffman which is still beating up dancefloors across the world today.

Personally from that album I really enjoy the tracks from Kumon, Kumon, Raver's Delight, Dial My Number, and Scareware but a lot of dub purists will complain and say that some of those are not "true "dub.

Whatever its fucking catchy and great to dance to so STFU and dance.

Anyways with this new release Songs, Rusko goes back to Babylon.

With a heavy reggae influence throughout this reminds me of his earlier work on a few dubplates he released called Babylon Vol 1 & 2. And I love it.

This track is my favorite from the album because dammit the bass just grinds your face off. In a good way.

This album was a blend of what people liked about the first album and what old school Rusko fans like me fuckin love. jah bless

Since Rusko said fuck MadDecent I almost want to just post a link to the album.

But since Diplo's love of dubstep introduced me to Rusko I will not do that.

Buy that shit from Amazon and itunes and let your summer ride.

Follow Rusko on twitter and go see him on tour this summer.

may 28th marquee Theater I will be there.

Watch him jump around like a madman. It's fun. Much better live.

And where the fuck have I been for 2 years?

To quote the great Waka Flocka Flames...I'm just livin life shawty, shawty Im just livin life!

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Anonymous said...

To be completely honest, I'd almost forgotten you existed.

Almost. But not really.

Welcome back to the internets, King Jafee Joffer.

Someone needs to tear up these booty rappers. Glad to see you're back on the job.

Big Mak said...

That shouldn't have been anonymous. I'm Big Mak, goddamn it. Who else?

King Jafee of Zamunda said...

Big Mak is not anonymous.

He is AWESOMous