Sunday, May 6, 2012

Darq E Freaker feat Danny Brown - Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine) Video

Danny Brown is the only hip-hop CD I have that stays in rotation in my CD changer.

Yes I burn CDs still because my ipod touch is broken and its cheaper to buy CDs to burn that fix an ipod.

I pretty much have a mix CD of The Hybrid, XXX, and Hawaiian Snow on them so I can get the full Bruiser Experience.

Its Danny right next to dubstep, house, and Chief Keef.

Rotate a Masta Ace in every now and then.

Anyways Danny Brown is the greatest rapper ever according to him.

I think I am the greatest rapper ever but my lack of touring says differently.

When people tell me they can't rhyme over certain beats, I simply look them in the eyes and tell them they suck and need a new profession because a beat it a beat.

If you can't ride a rhythm then frankly you should be a janitor or some shit.

Peep Danny Brown riding UK producer Darq E Freaker's beat and the visual they made for it.

I need to move to London like Jay Electronica because their beats slap hard.

Say hi to Danny Brown on twitter here.

Say hi to Darq E Freaker on twitter here.

Enjoy. And keep those rails chunky people.

Darq E Freaker feat Danny Brown - Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine)

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