Saturday, May 1, 2010

Big Sean feat Drake - Made Plus More Big Sean Slaps

Shout out G.O.O.D. Music and Kanye for keeping talented cats in the mainstreams eyes.
I heard of Big Sean a few years ago when he signed to Kanye's label and I never really checked for him because I figured when Kanye wanted us to hear him then the media blitz would begin.
Since this song with Drake just dropped I guess the media blitz has begun.
I posted this because I am sure all the Degrassi fanatics will be happy but mostly because if you aren't up on Big Sean....FIX YA FACE.
Word to DJ Noodles.
Anyways this track is pretty good so enjoy.
Detroit stand the fuck up.
I love this song because I wish that I could kill her.
And I been singing to Mr Hudson for the past 7 months.
Another Kanye approved cat.
The British 808 cat.
And for you bullshittin ass niggas.
Finally Famous will be droppin soon....

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