Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fat Joe - Thank God For The White Produced by DJ Premier (CD Quality)

Even though you may occasionally catch the King mocking Fat Joe for selling out faster than meth in a trailer park, for somehow single handedly dismantling Terror Squad, even for leaving Big Pun's family to literally have to sell Pun's chain to eat, I can say that I do enjoy when Joe is coming lyrically like cooked crack.

Joey Crack if you will.

Don Cartegena if you knew him before his madness.

I will always stress to those who say that Fat Joe has fell off, well that the fact is...

The man is a member of D.I.TC.

D.I.T.C. makes me forget about Makin It Rain.

Ah yeah that's the stuff.

Shout out YoungKingz.

Track is off his latest album The Elephant in the Room dropping March 11th.

Buy it because it may bring him enough money to finally throw some dollars towards Pun's family to try and balance out the karma scale as much as he throws out Pun's name.


Fat Joe - Thank God For The White - Produced by DJ Premier


Fat Joe - 300 (Brolic)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How do you know Fat Joe neva gave Pun's family money? And is he supposed to keep pushing Pun's family money for the rest of his life? Doesn't Fat Joe have his own family to worry about? And if Pun's family is starving -- isn't that ultimately the fault of Big Pun himself? Pun left them behind with little to no money because he blew it all, right?

Why is it Fat Joe's responsibility to cover for Big Pun's mistake?